Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Chic 09'

It's that time of year again!!!  The summer heat!  Skin is everywhere and,  I love it.  I love to look at all the beautiful bodies that paint the city streets on a daily basis.  In my city life I have seen it all!  I have learned in my wise years to embrace the heat and be ready for it.  To be honest I used to dread the summertime, I live in an area where the humidity is unbearable, and I am usually always shiny and sweaty.  I remember growing up and always trying to combat the huge sweat stains that would succumb me when I got nervous or when I was playing basketball, dancing, and the smothering heat.  Let's not get into how many articles of clothing I ruined by stains and smells (I know it's gross but true).  Anyway, as I got older I learned ways to aid in minimizing the amount of sweat pouring from my glands.  The techniques actually work and now the skies is the limit as to how I go about my day comfortably.  Some of the techniques that worked for me were as simple as me eliminating scented products such as soaps, lotions, detergents, and dryer sheets from my daily routine.  I also stayed hydrated with lots of water (and sweet teas!) especially during the summer months.  As I became a professional and It was important for me to dress up during those scorching days, I found myself finding it difficult to transition from one climate to the other.  I would walk out of the house in a black suit when it was over ninety degrees outside and then drive for thirty minutes in the heat.  Next I would have to park my car and walk five blocks to work.  By the time I arrived at the store I was soaked.  So then I decided to go casual to work and pack my clothes in a bag.  I had to give that up because my clothes got wrinkled and I looked as if I had rolled out of bed and went to work.  My last final try was when I thought about wearing a nice sleeveless shell and then bringing a light sweater or jacket with me to put over my shoulders for when I was cool.  The shell worked the best for me.  I found a light weight wrinkle free sweater fabric in all my favorite colors and I just rotated in with my nice summer pants, dresses and skirts.  I created a nice summer wardrobe for myself..
I challenge you to walk into your closet as soon as you get done reading and count the number of sleeveless tops you have that could easily transition under a sweater or suit jacket and still be called an outfit.  Start your lists, budget and plan accordingly you know how I like to do it.  There are some beautiful shells out there that have your name on it treat yourself to a couple!  Check out how I am rocking it this summer on my blog!  Good Luck and remember to check out my Radio Show Retail Journeys this Tuesday, May 26, 2009, @ 1pm.
Until Next time May all Your Outfits Match

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