Closet Connection- The Series

I can’t count the times in August when I couldn’t wait for this weather to turn, and now that it is here, it has taken me a long time to admit that it is cold, almost freezing outside.  Once again I am slow moving on converting all my summer clothes to storage and my fall/winter clothes my closet.  I had a huge reality check last week when I took public transportation and had to sit outside for 15 minutes, I swore my hands and feet were frost bitten.  So promising myself that would never happen again, I started pulling out my sweater and coats.  Talk about heaven.  I felt all warm and giddy when I started seeing all the beautiful thick fabrics and scarves.  I love fall, I love everything that it represents., the smells, colors, textures, traditions, and food all take me back to my favorite happy place, my closet. 

My absolute favorite fall activity is cleaning out my closet, getting rid of the summer pieces that have managed to linger just a little too long, and neatly tucking away the ones that will dress me next summer.  

As I organize my clothes in my closet, I realize that each piece has a special memory.  The suede leather bomber jacket, I scored for $13.  The first pair of shorts, I wore as an adult.   I now have 3 pairs of shorts and I must admit that the shorts have inspired me to work out and stay fit.  Oh!  I cannot forget my first pair of boots.  Coming from cowboy-land, It was one thing that I despised as a child, so for 30+ years, I refused to wear boots of any kind.  It was a co-worker and her amazing fall outfit oh yeah and the birth of jeggings that forced me to change my mind about boots, and I graciously accepted my girlfriends’ hand-me-downs. 
The way I am speaking of my closet one would think my closet rivaled Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the City”, and I am here to tell you, it is not.  It’s not about the size, the contents, or even the labels that I have on each shelf or hang bar.  In my mind it’s my own special boutique.  I pick and choose each piece carefully.  I wash, hang or fold each piece with care for long lasting wear.  Everything has a place and every space is filled with a piece that I have picked out.  Yes, it is my retail background that has be OCD with all hangers matching, all sleeve lengths together, and everything organized by color and style.  There is a huge value in taking care of your closet.  I won’t go into specifics, I’ll save that for another article, but I will say that just by hanging up your clothes right when you get home from work will increase the lifespan of your clothes by 3 years.  Try it, it will cost you nothing to hang up your suit as soon as you get home.  Is that a challenge?  Let me know how it works out for you.  Share a memory you receive from touching an article of clothing. 
Until then enjoy your crisp fall day, and May All Your Outfits Match…

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