Sunday, December 30, 2007

My issues with fashion at this point in my life are as follows:
  • I am conformed to wearing specific colors to work everyday.
  • I have to wear an apron around my outfit while I am at work.
  • All I do is work. (I know that is not fashion related).
Anyway my dilemma comes from freedom of expression.  I feel powerless sort of, I  feel that conforming to a daily attire hinders me from really truly expressing myself through clothes.
I have always been outgoing, when it comes to clothes and don't  get me wrong, I still am, but at the end of the day I noticed a grey cloud that looms over my head when I am at work.
So as I continue my quest for beauty I am going to challenge myself to add a little touch of something to that dull black and white uniform and see what that does for my attitude. Yellow is my favorite color, it looks great against my skin, and I always get compliments when I wear it.  So maybe I will add a yellow necklace or bracelet. I'll let you know what transpires.
In the meantime, I shall not be lazy when it comes to making myself beautiful. I will not be a baby and pout about having to wear black and white, (I know there are some people would just appreciate having a job).
I will look at my issues with clothes as a journey and move through it gently.
What are your moments with fashion and clothes. 
Let me know.  This journey is not only about me it's your journey too. So what is your dilemma, when it comes to clothes?  Let's trade stories and come up with more ways to make ourselves radiate beauty.

May all your outfits match



Warren said...

One of the challenges I face is buying clothes that fit. I find that while shopping I feel overwhelmed by the choices, possibilities, atmosphere. In the midst of that I notice that I don't take time to try things on and ask opinions. Also I am always shopping for a deal and will be the one that goes straight to the clearance rack. I look around and see a shirt I really like- it' is in my price range- but one size too big. I buy it anyways. When I put it on I like it but it bunches in weird places and doesn't have the punch that it does on the next person who bought the right size.

Anonymous said...

Like any investment in life, I guess it takes time and attention, finding what fits, not only what is available. More success in the future!

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