Sunday, August 16, 2009

As the last bit of summer seems as though it will never end, and many of us get away from the heat by going to the mall, Don't caught up with the Fall merchandise that flowers the shelves and racks.  Some of the pieces that are in stores at this time of year are transitional pieces that will get one through the end of the summer heat.   Try to stay away from getting pieces that are way to hot to even think about wearing but focusing on things to add to what you already have in your closet and to refresh your favorite summer pieces.  So I repeat Do not waste your precious dollars on items that are not wear now items.  
 Personally this is my favorite time of year.  The transition means to me that the end of the heat and humidity is almost over and the we can start bundling up and getting cozy again.  
The Fall season is almost near, and I am so excited!!  There is something about the rich jewel tones, and layering piece after piece to create a fabulous look.  I will say that the time is near to hang up the linen fabrics and your other summer fabrics so wear them out in style.  Now is the time to shop for some great summer sales everyone has a clearance section going on.  It may be very picked over and small but it is definitely worth the look.  
The key to shopping this time of year is not to get caught up in all the Fall sweaters and other clothing items that are going to make you sweat just by looking at them.  But to find a great pair of jeans or two, some key accessories and some t-shirts that can be worn now and later on in the season.  It won't be too difficult to get off task because jeans is what stores are pushing right about now.  As for accessories the stores are always stocked with accessories the key is to find ones that fit into your wardrobe and will transition easily from one season to the next.  This week's pic is all about my favorite pieces this summer and how I am transitioning into one season to the next.  I am hyped about what this Fall season brings and I cannot wait to wear my rich jewel tones and long sleeve turtlenecks.  I also will miss wearing my comfortable linen pants and my sandals so at least until labor day I am going to get the last wear of my favorite summer pieces!!  Check out what I love and am going to miss about Summer, all while I show you my key accessories for transitioning from one season to the next!!!!  
Until the next time May All Your Outfits Match!!!!!

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