Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's raining jeans!!!

I have jeans on the brain.  First and foremost, I am super hyped about the upcoming radio show that is dedicated to Jeans, secondly I just purchased a couple of pair for back to school.   This topic is really stirring some excitement in me, I was born in jeans they are so comfortable.  The denim fabric mixed with lycra and spandex is the best thing coming since... well you get it!  My new jeans were sent from up above, they hug my nice slender thighs like a piece of art.  I am in love! For the first time since I wore pleated Guess jeans, I bent down and I felt no air.  I was hooked and maybe took it over board by buying six pair, but the key is that my affair with jeans has been ongoing and it gives me great pleasure to walk out in a great pair that move when I move.  I know that still doesn't justify 6 pair!
My quest for jeans has been relatively easy because of my professional background but even still,  I have often gotten frustrated with the whole process, and bought many pairs of  jeans because of the price.  I ended up putting most effort in hiding the parts that didn't hit me right and figured out how to make the jean fit to my body.
Having worked in retail has allowed me to see over and over the frustration in most women's faces as they struggle to find the right pair of jeans.  The fashion side of me tells them that it is a process and you have to be ready to play the game but the empathy comes out and I know exactly how they feel. 
There is a couple of basic fundamentals that go down when shopping for jeans.  The first is, that it may take a couple of different trips to the fitting room or even to different stores to find the right pair of jean. When you find it get it because it might not be there tomorrow. 
Also know that not one pair of jeans will fit you the same, yes they may fit similar in the way they hug you, but please try on every pair that you plan to buy.  Buy doing this you are conquering two things one you will learn what styles of denim works for your body type and next time you shop for jeans you can narrow down your selections.  Remember to ask yourself how do you want to wear your jeans.  Are they to wear at night, to wear to work or with the kids, or for a nice polished look.  The reason for this is because it is so easy to get caught up, denim comes in all shapes and sizes and they are plastered everywhere in most women's retail shops.  So again as I always say do your research, check out what people are wearing and how they are wearing them, look online, window shop do what you do,  but create a look that is comfortable for you.  
That is all of the tips I have on this post, again it is time for me to plug in my radio show so please join me this Sunday Sept 8 @ 9 pm for my live radio show!  
Until the next time May all Your outfit Match!!!

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Tamiko said...

Okay, I am going to need you to go shopping with me to find my perfect jeans. I am dire need of a new wardrobe, and need those perfect jeans so that I can still dress down on Fridays but look professional at the same time. In my life time I think I have came across maybe 3/4 pair of jeans that were a perfect fit. But over time they have become worn down due to my love for them, and or became high water's (not preferable) after the whole washing process. I am tall so 34" is still a bit short for me. I have some jeans in my closet (my so called skinny jeans) that do not fit but I hold on to them in dire need to fit into them again. Need your help!

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