Monday, January 7, 2008

Educating Myself

Okay, so I have been scrolling thru the magazines that I recently purchased and I noticed that everything was way over the top.  I was so overwhelmed with what I saw.  There were lots of beautiful clothes that were in colors that represented the upcoming seasons, but lots of the clothes were way too expensive and the stores were not located near me.  So the magazines I picked up only made me feel like there was no hope.  That is when I decided to tear out pictures of clothing that I liked in the different magazines.  From there I glued all the clothes on a poster board along with strips of colors that I like for the upcoming season.  I figured I could use the board as a guide so that I know what to look for when I went shopping.  After I posted the board to the wall, I stepped back and access what I saw.  I saw lots of yellow, stripes (vertical and horizontal), I saw bold big flowers, and lots of casual canvas tennis shoes.  Just looking at all those clothes gave me a burst of energy.  This is it, I am ready to look for these colors and patterns the next time I go to the mall.  From there I scheduled a day when I was going to stroll around the mall and look at what was new in stores for the spring and how it compared to the pictures that I cut out.  I wanted to compare the different styles and variations that saw from store to store.  I wanted to look at the prices to compare and budget for future purchases.  I'm going to feel funny walking around the mall and not buying anything.  But I could see this being a great thing.  The mall is something I usually avoid because time it takes to find something in my size and my price.  And I don't have the time or the patience to do either.  Well to make a long story short, I went to the mall and immediately identified the items that I chose on my board.  Matter of fact, I saw the same color patterns in almost every store that I went into.  Each store was priced differently and most of them had sales going on.  I noticed it was all winter stuff and it was dirt cheap.  I noticed that the spring stuff was out and it was so colorful, just like in the magazines.  As I continued my walk, I took it all in.  It was a beautiful day and I spent it at the mall.  I really enjoyed myself.  I ended the trip after three hours and when I sat in my car with no packages.  I hugged myself and praised myself on not giving up on loving myself and almost thought about going to the gym in my community.  Then reality hit and I knew damn well I wasn't hitting the gym.
Oh well... until the next time 
May all your outfits match!

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Michon said...

I agree with the whole thought of educating yourself about fashion. I'm sort of in the same boat and trying really hard to figure out ways to learn about fashion without feeling overwhelmed. I decided I would start by learning about different fabrics, and pick one a week to read about and study. Then I would go to the mall and try on clothes in that fabric (or with a high % of fabric) and learn what feels good and is flattering to my body. Thanks so much for retail journeys!

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