Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wire Hangers, Really?

So my closet is still in good shape.  I am taking my time with this organization thing.  Don't get me wrong I am all for order and everything having its place, but I don't want to be too compulsive about it.  I want to make sure understand the importance of a organized closet.   I am starting to pay more attention to hanging up my clothes and folding my clothes.  Well in doing this I must admit that I have committed to getting rid of all wire hangers in my closet.  Okay I am embarrassed to admit that I have wire hangers in my closet.  I am forever cursed by the movie Mommy Dearest, where the child gets beat with a wire hanger for having them in her closet.  Every time I use a wire hanger I can see the pain in the girls face.  I must say though, it feels good to walk in to a closet that just flows from top to bottom and smells so damn good.  It is just refreshing and it makes me want to keep it up and continue to better organize my closet space.  It only made sense for me to look at how I was hanging the clothes.  I noticed many times when removing the clothes from the hangers that the hanger had reshaped my pieces.  That is when it hit me, my next trip to the mall was going to be about looking out for how clothes are hung on hangers.  With my next mall excursion, I set out to do some on hand research, and get me some Chick-fil-A.  The first store I went to I noticed that all the slacks, pants, and skirts were attached to hangers that had 2 clips on the side.  All the jackets, were on hangers shaped like a triangle but the hanger itself was a thick plastic.  The next hanger I saw was like the jacket hanger but it was thinner in width and it had shirts and tank tops on it.  I went into a couple of more stores where all the clothes were pretty much hung the same way.  The only difference I noticed was the quality of hangers the stores used.  It seems like the higher end stores used wooden or satin types of hangers.  Once I got in the groove of what to expect, I started looking for a much needed pack of black socks.  As I was checking out, I asked the sales lady if she had any extra hangers, she mentioned that she was trying to get rid of hangers and she proceeded to hand me three large shopping bags full of hangers.  I thanked her and ask her if they always gave out hangers and she told me not all the time but usually right before summer most stores give away hangers since most of the spring and summer clothes do not need to be hung up.  But since they had a huge after Christmas sale they just happen to have an excess of hangers.  Great, I thought to myself.  I cannot wait to go home and organize my closet space.  Once I was home I immediatly started changing out the hangers. My pants where hung up nicely at the waistline.  They hung at a height so perfect the wrinkles couldn't hold on to the material anymore and they just fell out.  My button-down shirts hung so smoothly the collars stood erect and the shoulders stood at attention.  As I put my new socks in the basket I looked around and smiled to myself.  I have the to power to improve on anything I put my mind to. The journey continues to move along as I can check off one more obstacle in this quest for loving myself from the outside in.  Until the next time...  May all your outfits match!

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Michon said...

That's helpful to know in terms of asking stores for hangers. Thanks!

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