Friday, October 24, 2008

Underneath It All!!!

All right again I have been kinda lagging on my blog! But the recession has hit home for the time being and I have felt as though I have hit a slump. As the election nears, I have felt a sense of hope I must say, which has brought me to my next topic, Underneath it all.
Have u ever peeled back the layers only to discover, a rack of a mess. I am not just talking about the underwear one wears under her clothes, but the bikini wax that is long overdue , the soap smell that needs to be upgraded to a nice floral scent, and last but least the toenails that haven't been touched up in god knows how long. We often overlook these things because we think no one will ever pay attention but as we look inside ourselves for the inner fashionista it is the difference between us dotting our I and crossing our T's. In the past couple of months I have been practicing paying attention to the little things that I thought no one would ever notice and I tell you once again it makes a difference. Think about it that bikini wax that has been dreaded for years, you have finally gotten it and now you are eager to get to your favorite lingerie store. Going to the spa to get your toes, nails, and eyebrows done suddenly means you are itching to get to the Mac counter. Whatever your hidden secret is I challenge you to make better this month and watch underneath it all, things will start to change!!!! Until the next time...May all Your Outfits Match.

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