Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well Hello!!!!!!

It has been a whole season, since I last talked about my journey with clothes!!!!!!!  My, have I been off the bandwagon.  But to be honest the, best thing about getting off of the bandwagon is getting back on!  For a while I had shifted my life in a direction in which I thought I had wanted to get away from.  So I put my fashion sense down and went head on into building a business for someone else.  It was a great experience but it wasn't colorful and full of different fabrics, It wasn't telling people how beautiful and radiant they look in their outfits.  So anyway, I have shifted back the focus to what I love and then some.  Peep out my radio show tonight about Fashion Magazines, it is going to be fun, interactive and informative.  If you miss it tonight, you can hear it at a later date, I will keep it posted on my blog.  I must say it is good to be back and I cannot wait to give you more of my Retail Journeys!!!!!!!!!

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