Friday, August 1, 2008

Life Changes

Well, I know my posts have been sporatic lately.  My focus has shifted these last couple of months.  I mentioned that in my earlier posts, but a month later I feel as though I must let my readers know my life journey.  When I started this blog, I had set out to take you on a journey with me, while I manage my clothing situation from the inside out.  And to be truthful, these past months have been so busy, I have not shopped in a long while.  Two months to be exact!  I do feel as though, I have worn the same outfit for weeks on end, and I am ready to throw out every black, and white piece of clothing I own.  I am tired of looking at them, and they are stale looking to me.  So today I broke the cycle.  I bought this beautiful yellow purse that I had been eyeing for almost two months, it was almost like I was obsessed with it.  I passed by the purse everyday on my way to work, and every time my favorite sales lady and I would meet up, we would have  5 to 10 minute conversations about the purse and it's matching wallet.  One day it disappeared and my sales lady friend saw the distress in my eyes.  She told me she would order another purse and it should come in one week.  One week turned into three, and then one day on my way to work she stopped me and told me she had my purse in.  I was so excited, but told her that it was not my time to buy it, and I would have to wait until next week.  Well, to make a long story short, next week is here and I picked up my bag, and even got a discount on it.  So as I sit here and write about my experience with my bag of the moment, I am truly giddy!   So anyway as I ramble on about my purse, It really is a reflection of how my life is starting to change.  This sassy purse is really me making a bold move in my life.  I won't go into much detail too soon, but just know that I am getting ready to shed my work clothes, and start to express my inner sassiness.  Check out my favorite purses of the moment!!  Until we chat again... May all your outfits match!!

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