Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Fashion Rocks in the Heat!!!!

It is hot as hell outside!! I decided to get out of the heat and take a spontaneous trip to the mall.
I was hesitant to go because I knew I was vulnerable, but I also knew that I had the strength to day no. As soon as I stepped into the first store I saw the most beautiful rich jewel tone sweaters and long sleeve shirts ever. I instantly forgot that it was 95 degrees outside, and started to try on some sweaters. I tried on lots of purples, golds, and emerald colored items. The colors and rich fabrics screamed warmth and a venti white hot chocolate from my favorite coffee shop. I continued browse the different stores and immediately came up with the top trends for Fall 08'.
Dresses, Boots, Trench Coats, Sweater Coats
Purples, Golds, Emerald Green, Reds.

The common denominator in the stores was that short list of items. As I savored my favorite cinnamon roll, I quickly assessed my closet and realized that I had some nice dresses and a beautiful trench coat that I purchased two years ago. I also have lots of jeweled tone shirts as well as black and white collared shirts in my closet. I started thinking of a list of things that I could buy started to feel the itch of wanting some sweaters. I headed to my favorite t-shirt store ready to buy some purple and gold t-shirts and sweaters. Damn! It was right when I entered the store I remembered that I had left my wallet in the car, so that I wouldn't be tempted to buy anything. At this point my mind is made up and I decide to go and get my wallet and come back to the store. Well to make a long story short, as soon as I walked out of the door and felt the sweltering heat. I decided that I would plan a trip out to the mall when it wasn't so hot and crowded. Peep out my collage of my Fall 08' Trend wish list! Until next time may all your outfits Match!!!

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