Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Body Image

How nice it would be if we all had the same shape.  We wouldn't have too worry about different sizes, we could all borrow each others clothes and we wouldn't have too worry about having the biggest (or the smallest) ass in the room.  The grass always looks greener on the side that we are not on.  The reality of it is, if we were all the same size there would not be much left to the imagination.  There would be less creativity.  All men would either have muscles or they wouldn't.  There would be one size bra and panty. There are pros and cons to the ideal, but the reality of it is were are not one size.  It's important the before you shop you remember the reality is, that the outfits that are found on mannequinns in stores are only guides as to how you should coordinate their clothes.  So those of you who look at the outfits that stores have on their body forms please stop immediately.  More than likely they are not the same size
as you and what looks good on them will not look good on you.  When shopping for clothes there are so many factors that must take into consideration before spending your money.
  • Know your measurements. Every store size range is different convert the numbers while you are shopping. 
  • Know what you are shopping for.  If is three pair of jeans make sure you don't come out with five.
  • Shop smart not hard.  If you are strategic about it you could come up with a great pair of pants for 50% off.
So the journey continues, I continue to shop through my hard transition in life, and as I do I remember to love my body even though my sisters got all the chi-chis and left me with none. My brother has the pretty smooth and creamy texture skin, and my friends... well you know.
Until the next time...
May all your outfits match!

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Michon said...

I think this is interesting and some good advice. I've always had my own personal struggle with body image, and now appreciating my curves & things that make me special. I like the know your measurements idea - can you elaborate on that?

Thanks & keep it up!

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