Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coat Check!

In my previous posts, I have talked about how it was my mission to update my coat swagger.
I have dedicated the next couple of weeks to study, seek and buy the right type of coat for
work, play, and leisure.  My research consisted of me rifling through October issues of all the fashion magazines, window shopping, and my favorite book of the moment, In Style's book, "The New Secrets of Style", by the editors of In Style magazine.  This book covers style from the inside out and was perfect for me because it broke down coats and what they mean to a woman's wardrobe. The coat chapter starts out with a wonderful statement, "A good coat is practical- it keeps elements out and warmth in-but a great coat also ups your style quotient."  It goes on to break down the basic five types of coats to look for when shopping, "workday, weekend, raincoat, evening coat, and one for the extreme cold."  I got extremely anxious when I read this because I realized that I only have 2 weekend coats. The fresh reminder of that feeling of embarrassment quite well, having my puffer coat on with my workday attire.  I was still cute though but the point was was that I knew it was all wrong and did it anyway.  So I must say all this research has me ready to get going on the additions to my wardrobe.  But it must be calculated so my next step is shop a couple of stores in the mall and see what I come up with.  I'll keep u posted with what I find.
I wanna leave you with this wonderful quote I found in my new fashion bible book.
"Coats are not just necessities-they're also immediate attention-grabbers.  So consider you outer layer a reflection of your inner style."
Until the next time...May All Your Outfits Match

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