Saturday, June 13, 2009

When I get to be a size... This is my gift to myself!!!!!


Okay, so I had a moment the other day when I opened up one of my fashion magazines and I saw some famous star wearing a great pair of shoes, they were over $500 so that cut out the idea to run out and get a pair, but I still had a sparkle of hope and a vision of me walking down the street in those heels.  That made me start to think about body image and the responsibility I play in not letting the images I see overtake who I am.  When I saw this star in her great pair of shoes, I immediately looked at her outfit and her hair and thought damn I need to get my hair done.   I pictured myself walking down the streets of DC with the camera flashing at me screaming my name... okay I am taking it over board but you get the picture.  Having the slightest insecurity about your body image will allow you to be sucked into the madness. Getting sucked into the madness could be at the slightest moment to take your mind off of the reality of what you really look like in the mirror. 
I often ask myself to what standard is too fat or too thin?  This allows me to come to terms of what matters most and that is my opinion and what's comfortable for me.  One of the main reasons I am able to walk into any store and just shop is because I am able to relax and let go of my insecurities.  
My profession allows me to see the insecurities come in the door in masses and also from a different perspective.  In the retail industry, I see it everyday how women of all ages come into clothing stores feeling a certain kind of way and using shopping as an excuse to, "enjoy their day".  I get a mixture of women who stand in the mirror for hours looking at their bodies from every angle damning themselves for eating so much.  One of two things happen to these types of ladies (again no box), she either overspends her money on things she will probably never wear, or she will end up with nothing and continue to wear clothes that are way too big for her and add 10 pounds to her frame.  I will admit that I have been her,  I let her go though.  So I encourage you to embrace who you are and what size you are today.  If you go to your favorite store this week, treat yourself to something special, you deserve it!  Just make sure it is your size and it fits you like a glove.  Be sure to check out my weekly radio show, this June, 23, Tuesday at 1p.m., est.  
Until the next time May All Your Outfits Match!!!! 


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