Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautiful World!!!

I am on my way!!  Vacation time is here and I am traveling to a place like no other!
Vacation means to me, being able to kick back and relax amongst the most beautiful scenery 
imaginable.  I pack up two of my favorite books, load up on my gossip magazines, and pack ready to enjoy my time.  
My luggage is generally consists of a small carry suitcase, my laptop bag, and my purse. At best for a seven day trip I am able to get every thing I need into a carry-on bag, especially since airlines are starting to charge for bags now!!  For the most part I tend to pack light airy clothes 
that can be rolled into a small ball.  Linen, cotton and silk are the best packing fabrics.  I am selective with the types of shoes that I bring as well.  I can usually fit two pairs of heels, two pairs of sandals, some flip flops, and my toiletries all into my suitcase.  
The key to packing effectively is planning.  After you have selected your location check out 
the weather, the night life, and the activities you plan to attend while you are vacationing.  Then you can choose your outfits.  Choose fabrics that you are going to be comfortable in all day long.  Also choose a color palette can easily be mixed and matched with. During the trip try and stay away from shopping at stores that you can find in your hometown.  Even still be careful when you shop at boutiques, the stuff might be pretty but they are usually at a tourist rate.  
Have a great time while traveling this summer, promise me you will plan accordingly so that you can spend your vacationing and not hunting for items you forgot to pack.  Until the next time May all Your Outfits Match!

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