Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer Fun

Okay! I just had to post about the upcoming summer season and what you will see when you enter the mall this summer. The colors are going to be of gold jewel tones and animal prints.  You will see lots of browns, greens and blues in all shades so get ready! White is out there strong especially on the bottom.  The fabrics look and feel just as rich as they did the season before.   I am so excited about all the beautiful clothes that are out there. I go to the mall and feel the urge to get sucked in by the beautiful ways the merchandise is displayed in the windows and on the racks. The signs that scream sale don't help much either!
I know it has been a minute since I posted but if you need a refresher of what I live by just read my past posts. I will say that what I talk about and live by is Planning a trip to the mall being prepared to shop!  Know what you are looking for when you shop. This will cut out a lot of impulse shopping, a lot of hassle of returning and exchanging product, and last but not least a lot of chaos and clutter in your closet.
I will tell you this, having run a clothing store has helped me learn the in's and out's of the retail clothing business and how people get easily overwhelmed by the words sale and all the beautiful pieces of clothing they had not anticipated on seeing. They usually walk out of the store spending over 50% more than what they had anticipated. Then they take the clothes home and realize that they already have something just like it or they don't have anything to go with the items that they just purchased or it doesn't look the same way it did in the store. So back to the store they go only to either exchange it and spend more money or find out that they cannot receive their money back.
So my point in saying all of the above is to just plan out your shopping trip and buy pieces that you can incorporate into the things you already have. Think of it as though you are adding spice to something you already own.
I know for myself, I love flowers! Love them to death, so for this summer I wanted to look for some key pieces that would add that flower feel I wanted to incorporate into my wardrobe. I created a collage for all to see my vision check it out at the top of the blog. The items that I chose will easily fit into my clean closet and work well with what I already own. Everyone's budget will be different I understand but the key is get only what is on your list (written or mental I will not judge) make room for impulse if you can but don't get sucked in. This summer let's all have fun when we go and purchase our favorite items and let's not forget to make many beautiful memories in them!! Have fun and feel free to write in and let me know what your planning to buy yourself for the summer season!!!  Until the next time...May all Your Outfits Match!!

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