Sunday, January 13, 2008

Closet Connection

How connected am I to my closet?  I asked myself that as I stepped into my new beautiful walk in closet.  I had prayed for a closet that had shelves and drawers.  Now as I look around I see that everything is on the floor and in baskets.  What is the disconnect?  I finally get what I want as far as space and then I don't even take advantage of it.  So at that point, I made up in my mind that it would be beneficial for me to organize my closet so that I will know what I have and what I don't have as far as building up my wardrobe.  So after a deep breathe and a committment of finishing this project to the end.  First I decided to wash all my clothes.  From there I was going to fold and categorize my clothes, (t-shirts, jeans, slacks, button down shirts), Next, I placed some nice beautiful smelly goods along the sides of the closet.  I hung up some pictures and then I added some nice baskets that contained my socks and underwear.  Then I added all my clothes from lightest to darkest into the closet.  I bought some beautiful boxes and laid out my jewelry in them and placed them in some of the drawers.  After I was done organizing my closet I put up a dry erase board along with some cork board (painted yellow), and made a list of what I needed to add to my closet the next time I went to the mall.  What was also great was that I had five bags of clothes to give away to the salvation army.  I had finally felt as though I was ready to move on out with the old and start living for what new things were ready to come into my life!  Until the next time may all your outfits match!


Michon said...

Congrats on cleaning the closet. I did the same thing recently and it does feel good. I didn't do smell goods though - i'll have to do that! Thanks.

lisarena presley said...

i am all about the organization in the closet, did it a few years back and it works wonderfully. need to make a list that along with pics from the magazine is a great idea, thanks!

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