Monday, January 21, 2008

Shoes Galore

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine the other day about shoes.  The conversation was typical, women having love affairs with shoes.  The urging desire to buy shoes, especially when they are on sale.  I know for me I have been hesitant to purchase shoes because I have yet to find shoes that don't hurt my feet.  But I still fall into the trap of maybe these won't hurt.  Hence my lack of a basic black pump.  I am a victum of wearing ugly shoes for comfort rather than fashion.  So imagine my face when I had an important event to attend and nothing but flip-flops and house shoes to wear.  I immediatley went into my closet to see if I was mistaken and sure enough, nothing.  So what does that mean to a woman who is creating a better life for herself and her overall well being?  A trip to the mall.  First I surfed the internet for shoes stores that sold comfortable shoes.  I found a couple of stores that had some cute shoes that were affordable.   Then I promised myself, that I would do some research before I just started shopping.  I needed to know what kind of shoes I needed.  I looked at my pants and noticed that a majority of them where black and they were all different lengths.    So your basic black pumps may not work with every style.  Okay back to the drawing board.  I needed to really figure this one out.  So I wrote down all the pants I owned and cateorgized them by style.  I was trying to find out what pant style I had the most of and what type of shoe could I wear the with the pants.
I went back on the internet and looked stores wear I bought the pants so I could see what type of shoes they showed with the pants I owned.  After hours of research I had the shoes styles I needed to jump start my wardrobe.  I am hyped, I am finally going to walk in style and in confidence.  I'll you keep you posted on my shoe shopping experience.  In the meantime... May all your outfits match!

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alexis3322 said...

Because I wear a women's size 11, I find it VERY difficult to find a stylish shoe my size let alone a comfy one. If I want a current style, I'll shop online and have success after returning many boxes of disappointments. My favorite thing to do is go to a Nordstrom Rack and peruse their shelves upon shelves of shoes by the size. I'm like a kid in a candy store and usually leave with no less than 4 pairs. Great subject for shoe lovers!

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