Saturday, February 23, 2008

Closet Reconnection

Okay so I am almost 24 hours into organizing my clothes, and I have literally washed 10 loads today.  Now mind you I am not just organizing my clothes it is everyone in my households' clothes that I am folding as well, so I think I may have a little more loads then my average reader. But at any rate, I have spent my day slowly but surely chipping away at the piles that cover my floor.  I have around 8 more loads to do, and I can finish some tonight and some tomorrow afternoon.  Whew!  This is tiring, but I will say it looks good being able to look at all the beautiful colors of T-shirts, pants and  sweaters that I own.  It really makes me want to go by some more colors.  I have all my jeans washed and folded and just seeing them piled up, it makes me want to put them on.  Anyway the piles are slowly but surely deminishing and it feels good.  I will be done with this task by tomorrow night, so that when the Oscars come on I can relax and enjoy the night of beauty.  Well my dryer is calling me, thanks again for listening, until tomorrow... May all your outfits match!

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