Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring A-Ling!!!!!

I am shouting to the rooftops!!  It is almost Spring!
As I said earlier this is my favorite time of year!
The sweet smell of flowers that are lurking in the air.
The layers of clothes that come off, and become shorter.
The toes are out and about!!!  This Spring is all about color on the bottom! I have been scouting out
my favorite colored denim in the malls and I have decided not to spend $345 on a pair of colored jeans.
Hell I am not even spending $75 on a pair.  I have found the perfect pair at H&M and Forever 21 for under
$20.  Yes I am frugal with my wallet.  But for those of you who love labels and status there are a pair
for everyone's wallet!!!!  Check out my latest outfits with colored denim!  Don't worry about the price points you can find colored jeans in your favorite store at whatever price you desire!
Enjoy these beautiful Spring days and until the May All Your Outfits Match!!!!!!!!!!!

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