Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex in MY City!!!!!!

It is that time again! The Gods have blessed us with another installment of our favorite Sex in the City girlfriends on the big screen looking FASHIONABLY FABULOUS!
What is the big hype u non-followers might ask? It is as simple as this Sex in the City was an outlet for women to express who they are sexually, professionally, emotionally, and physically. What this movie means to me is why I moved to a big city. I swear when this show came on HBO I was already living a similar life just in a small college town kinda way. I was coming into my own, having just left home. For the first time in my life I was able to make my own decisions without having to run it by someone else.
I am blessed to have been one of those individuals that grew up watching and observing life around me. Thanks to cable TV (cinemax after dark), Black Love magazines and my mother's Harold Robbins books, I knew what sex was at an early age and I experimented with sex throughout life on my terms. I was responsible with it and understood the consequences of every act from the very beginning.
Along the way there were your typical judgements. Mostly by the men who go through life thinking with their pee-pees and others by the females who didn't understand or maybe who weren't comfortable in their own skin.
I believe from the beginning the title alone turned off many of fans because it was so provocative especially with for women as leads in the early ninties. I think the fashion was too wacky for those who didn't understand fashion as an art form. Not to mention there were no people of color or whatever else turned u off about the show. At any rate I thank these four special ladies who have touched my life in so many different ways.
I thank Carrie for being that fashion muse and using fashion as an art form. She has no limits when it comes to glamour and glitz. She made city life hype in my eyes and shaped my view of just how special great friends really are (sniffle)!
Thank you Miranda for sprucing up corporate America. Thank you for tastefully bringing color and chic into the work place. I also loved how you showed how juggling work, motherhood and coupledom is not easy. Through it all your friends always had your back (sniffle, sniffle)!
Thank you Charlotte for being classic chic. She can wear a plaid or a cardigan like no other, and can also turn a neutral into a work of art. She shows us Moms of the world how you can stay at home and remain stylish. She also showed us how you don't have to be trendy but you can still be fashionable.
Last but not least thank you Samantha you really and truly defined the term cougar for me. You have showed me that the whole mid-life crisis is only what you make it. You are truly a survivor. She got women comfortably talking about sex at the table. Her freedom of sexual expression can be felt from the way she handles business to the way she walks down the street. She taught me truly to believe that 40 was the new 20 and you can tastefully dress sexy and still rule the world.
I will not lie all of these women's lives are contagious.
All the bright lights and big the city was where I wanted to land and conquer. I thank all the ladies collectively for really truly showing me that I really wasn't crazy just ahead of my time sexually and being different is what life is all about. As a woman it was okay to talk about sex openly and life experiences with your girlfriends. Life was all about experiences and what you learn from them all while being Fabulous.
You shouldn't have to sacrifice who you are just because somebody else has a problem with it-
Carrie Bradshaw

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