Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reconstructing Ourselves!!!!!!

Hello my friends!! Last month we talked about hot trends for Fall 09 and how we were going to translate them into our wardrobes. It was still a little warm to really fully transition into Fall, so we were able to sneak in some of our summer favorites. But with the turn of the weather, in the last couple of weeks, we have all been summons to pull out our Fall jackets.
I want to dedicate the month of October to RECONSTRUCTING ourselves. What I mean by reconstructing is disassembling, modifying, and putting back together our whole outlook on our most beautiful selves!! I have met with several women in my professional career and in one way or another each woman has had a tendency to over-shop or under-shop. They are either impulse shoppers or budget shoppers, they are either comfortable in their skin or they are not. The point is that a lot of women are not stepping out into the world with the most beautiful self.
Just recently I went to a friends' house to clean out her closet. While we were digging, we found some of her favorite fall pieces from last year. she was also sad to see some of the same pieces that needed to be replenished from last year. She mentioned to me that she was unemployed last year at this exact same time. Shamefully she admitted to be holding on some black boots that needed to be thrown away two years ago.
Thankfully things have turned out good for her this year and she is ready to update her look with some great fall pieces. She even talked about getting a great haircut and trying some different make-up looks. Which brings me to my point about Reconstructing ourselves. Here we have a woman who has been riddled by unemployment and the stresses that go along with that. She knew she needed to reconstruct her whole thought process when it came to her wardrobe and make-up and beauty routine, but she did nothing she continued to go with the flow. She mentioned that people constantly asked her was she feeling okay or were offering her clothes that they no longer wore and she couldn't figure out why.
I decided to use her as my muse. It occurred to me that most everyday women tend to go with the flow of what is easiest and comfortable for them. It is all about routine almost to the point to where you don't even realize you have been doing the same routine for the last ten to fifteen years. Which means not much has changed on you or about you.
Over the past years, I have had the opportunity to go on a retail journey with all my readers. I have talked about organzining your closet, caring for your clothes and how to shop smart. I have touched upon make-up and hair tips. I have also talked about how to translate what you see in the magazines into your closet.
Now it is time to incorporate all those topics into one big action for fall. The best thing about Fall is that is the best time to start getting into good Fashion habits for the New Year. October is all about Reconstructing yourself from the outside in. The new focus is going to be on beauty and fashion from head to toe. For the month of October I have committed to starting over fashionably. I am going to go back to the basics and pull out my most beautiful self. This month join me as Retail Journeys takes a journeys down the beauty aisle and introducing a new segment called UnderNeath It All. This segment is all about the beauty side of fashion, I will talk about the latest in make-up, accessories, and under garments that will add zest to your wardrobe!! Check Syn and I out this Tuesday, October 21, @ 1pm, est. Until then May All Your Outfits Match!!!!!

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